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  • Manufacturing Career Feature

Finding Food Manufacturing Jobs

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Food manufacturing is a huge industry with a need for all kinds of skills, talents and knowledge backgrounds. Seeing as any particular food manufacturing site will have literally thousands of employees from all kinds of areas of expertise, the employee turnover rate is high � making a food manufacturing firm an excellent place to start a job search, regardless of your background or specialization degree.

Finding Food Manufacturing Jobs
From entry level manufacturing jobs

(clerks, juniors, assistant engineers, etcc) to management levels, there are plenty of positions available. Simply sending your CV or resume is a great way to get a foot in the door as there are constantly positions opening up in such huge enterprises. For most middle-tier jobs within the food manufacturing venture, this is a great way to start. For higher level manufacturing jobs (in management or as a senior executive, etc.) then networking is your best bet. The top dog (the CEO or President for instance) will want to hire somebody competent for whom they have a positive evaluation of from somebody they trust and respect.

Research shows that any managerial and supervisory level of job pays higher in the food manufacturing industry than in many other kinds of plant, manufacturing and production sectors. Why not look into it if you have any kind of background or experience as a manager or supervisor? And if there are currently no openings at your target food manufacturing plant, then check back in a couple of months. Chances are something will open up by then. You may also want to apply at another manufacturing firm. If you don’t mind traveling or moving to a new location, then it gets even easier as plenty of the big companies have several plants for which they need competent, qualified people.

You will want to find the human resources department of such an enterprise. They will then look over your resume, interview you and then place you in terms of both position and location if openings are available. The idea is to be constant and consistent during your job search and spread your search wide to include any possible jobs that resonate with your ideal pay and specifications/

The great thing about a large enterprise like a food manufacturing company is that all kinds of skills are welcome. That includes manufacturing jobs in areas of expertise as diverse as nutritionists, engineers, quality assurance managers, data analysts, raw materials buyers, general managers, floor managers, maintenance and technical staff, food technologists, sales engineers, cost accountants, product managers, product design and sales, general accountants, warehouse managers and tons more.

In fact, with the advent of Internet marketing comes a whole new possibility for an entry level job in a manufacturing firm – that of the social media marketer. Depending on the kind of food and beverages produced by the firm, it is more than likely that some kind of online community about the product(s) can be created and brand awareness spread through that medium. This applies not only to social networks but to professional communities as well that can then compare how one firm relates to another in terms of popularity, product success and credibility.

Anyone with a drive for marketing or sales and a little bit of web-savvy can utilize all kinds of social and professional networking sites, forums, groups, peer review sites, blogs and so forth to create an online presence for the firm at hand. Getting this kind of job need not be too difficult – it merely requires, as with other jobs, illustrating a certain grasp of what is necessary, what can be done and how far it can be taken.

And as brand and product managers are well aware, this position can be very well paid as it falls under the category of sales and marketing, which is lucrative in any field, especially in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. This is largely due to a great amount of competition (in terms of there being hundreds of different kinds of cereals, yogurts, breads, juices and other daily-use products).

Any management or entry-level position is open – if not now then in a few months but the most highly recommended techniques to getting these jobs are through cold-calling (i.e. simply sending in your resume) and through networking. Word-of-mouth, as any brand manager or sales executive will tell you, is the best way to sell a product, including yourself. Applying online is also increasingly an option but using it in conjunction with either word-of-mouth or actually meeting with HR personnel as well greatly increases your chances of getting to the interview stage and getting hired.

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