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Manufacturing Industry Jobs - Top 10 Most Popular Manufacturing Jobs

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The manufacturing industry includes a lot of categories. It refers to the industries that deal with the production of materials and products that are sold to people or used as raw materials for the production of other products. It is an important aspect of the economy. It is also an important source for employment and produces goods and materials that are important such as infrastructures. Manufacturing industry jobs are important opportunities for people who are looking for jobs.

1. One popular job may be manufacturing engineering careers. Manufacture engineers have higher salary pay compared to other professionals. Most manufacturing companies today use integrated systems, equipment and machineries to finish the process of production of their products and manufacture engineers are the ones responsible for designing, maintaining and repairing the said machineries and systems. They are the ones responsible for coordinating the activities of all the systems and machineries in order to finish all the production.

People who are looking for manufacturing engineering careers must have a bachelor's degree in mechanical, industrial or manufacturing engineering and more preferred are people who have a master's degree in any engineering discipline. Aspirants must also have experience in manufacturing management and have the ability to direct large-scale projects.

2. Food and beverage manufacturing industry jobs are also popular since food and beverages are important commodities humans need to live. Products range from processed meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and root crops that are usually supplied to restaurants as well as dairy and poultry products that can also be sold as retail or wholesale. Brewing beer and also the production of some alcoholic beverages are included in this industry. Jobs in food manufacturing industry include the quality assurance of company's products. These industries also include bakeries and other food factories. It is one of the important manufacturing industries in the world since without them, food and beverage scarcity can develop.

3. The Transportation part of the industry is also a popular manufacturing industry job especially for those who have experience and technical skills. Automobiles and vehicles are being use today for public transportation and private use so this sector has become in-demand nowadays. Transportation manufacturing industry includes companies that produce vehicles as well as their parts and the infrastructure that supports them. Products include trains, planes and automobiles. People who are looking for manufacturing engineering careers may work in this industry or in other industries since all of them use machinery and equipment for production.

4. The Metalworking industry also provides a lot of opportunities for employment for people who are looking for a manufacturing industry job. Metalworking is a job wherein skills and technical experience is needed. It is a process that deals a lot with metals to create or produce individual parts, parts ready for assembly and large-scale structures. This industry ranges from creating large ships to building bridges and other infrastructures to vehicle parts and delicate ornaments and jewelry.

5. Another popular part is the chemical industry. This includes companies and businesses that produce industrial chemicals that are used to make products. It uses the different earth's elements such as water, oil, air, metals and minerals and converts it into a thousand different products. The products includes plastics, soaps and other harmful and other necessary chemicals used in agriculture, construction, manufacture and other service industries.

6. Construction is a process of building infrastructure. Construction industry is a popular manufacturing industry job since the world is changing and developing, so many infrastructures are being made everyday such as bridges and buildings. This industry involves a lot of people such as the project managers, architects, and laborers. It is also an opportunity for those who want manufacturing engineering careers.

7. For a world like today wherein technology is a must, the electronics industry is as popular as ever because it involves the creation of gadgets. It also deals with electrical circuits that are widely used in appliances that are needed in our homes.

8. The energy manufacturing industry represents varied types of companies arranged to meet the customer's energy needs. Like the food manufacturing industry, this is one popular opportunity for people because the whole world is already using electricity today so constant supply of it is needed. This industry includes natural oil and gas and other energy resources.

9. Textiles are an important part of everyday life and are commonly used for clothing, furniture, bedding and many other common goods so the textile industry is a popular choice. This involved businesses that were engaged in the production, processing, and distribution, marketing and selling of textiles made usually from wool, cotton and other synthetic fibers.

10. Last is the telecommunication industry. It involves telephones, radio, television, internet, local and wide area networks and the ways on how they work and how they can be used by people.

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